Management Philosophy

Tsuyoshi Kasuya

Fusaki Koshiishi
Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer
Head of the Welding Business

Kobe Steel, Ltd. (KOBELCO) Welding Business maintains solid position as No.1 in Japan as well as in Southeast Asia. KOBELCO global reach comprises 4 production plants in Japan and 13 production and sales bases overseas, offering a comprehensive array of welding products and related services. With our welding expertise, KOBELCO are offering “Welding Solution” packages which suggest the way of resolving problems customers are facing, and original welding process /systems fully integrated with welding materials, power sources, and robotics satisfying and benefiting the customers.

We will continuously strive to be “Welding Solution Company of Choice” and, as your best partner, providing excellent products and services in harmony with society.

Please feel free to visit us at KOBELCO, your welding solutions provider

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japanese_scenery KOBELCO ARC over the last decade (2008~)