The annual Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair was held at Shanghai on June 18-21. This year, at over 1000 in total, there were very many companies exhibiting at the fair and almost 20,000 people were admitted on the first day alone. Kobe Steel, Ltd., Kobe Welding of Qingdao Co., Ltd., Kobe Welding of Shanghai Co., Ltd. and Kobe Welding of Tangshan Co., Ltd. exhibited together under the Kobe Steel Group, promoting the products of each company. Up until last year, we had used the exhibition panels and booth layout from Japanese exhibitions, but this year the three China-based companies engaged in planning together and conceived the exhibition from scratch. The opinions of Chinese employees were adopted and although the planning took a long time, I think that the content was more substantial than last year as a result. We held informal meetings with our sales agents at the event, during which we introduced the sales campaigns we will promote from here on.

Although there was a lot of negative news from China last year, including the deterioration of Japan-China relations and the issue of particulate matter atmospheric pollution (PM2.5), the Japanese and Chinese staff at the three sites in China have come together with the aim of constructing an even more effective production and sales system, and our goal is to be called “the Kobe Group, the best in China” by our customers.

Zàijiàn! (Goodbye)

Hideaki Osa
  Marketing Manager
  Kobe Welding of Tangshan Co., Ltd.

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